I spent a little time out in my garden looking things over. Most of it is doing good. The corn is around 2-foot tall. The beans are growing into runners, which is a reminder to me that I need to hurry up and get my lattice up on the frame. The tomato plants, beets, and carrots are growing. And, as you can see below, one of our squash plants is growing it’s first few squash. 

I am concerned about our squash plants that I am trying out in the big pots. They aren’t doing nearly as well as the ones in the tanks. Every time they leaf out to the rim, the leaves die. I’m thinking they are getting scorched by the heat of the sun on the pot edges. I would have figured that the tank edges would get just as hot but I guess not. So I may have to go back to using the pots for herbs or something else that grows more up and less out. 

I am still digging more on the trench for the next set of frames when I am able to. I have another 4 feet or so to go to finish out the north side. Then will hopefully come digging for the foundation of the garden shed I want to build. I’m hoping it turns out well. Always lots to do!