I’m too tired, busy, and frustrated to say much on this. I will only say a sarcastic congratulations to President Obama and his followers (both the ones that blindly follow him and the ones that actually understand what he is doing to our nation). Your socialist “experiment” brain-child Obamacare that was shoved down our throats as an attempt to make “health care affordable for all” is doing exactly what all of us who opposed it said it would. 

Obama’s health care plan is completely fouling up the medical industry. Premiums are skyrocketing for those of us that pay for our own and we are being taxed more to cover those who are receiving government help on insurance. And don’t get me started on the actual medical care side of things. The problem with anything being provided by the government is the ignorant belief by many that it is free. When the government provides anything, the money to pay for it still comes out of our pocket, we just have less ability to decide where the money ends up. 

The government is an unneeded middleman in so many transactions that it’s sickening. They waste our own money meddling in our personal affairs. Enough is enough already. The nation needs to quit looking for handouts and tell the government to shape up or take a hike. Start making politicians hold real jobs before they can be considered candidates for elected positions. Maybe if they can’t live off of our money all their life, they will be a little more concerned with where it goes.