The garden is looking great. Friday, I spent some extra time catching up on what I’d been meaning to do. 

I hoed, weeded, and mulched the corn. This time of year, I really wanted to keep what moisture I could in the ground and a good layer of mulch always helps. We haven’t gotten a good rain in maybe three weeks. My water tank beds are doing well. They make watering less of a daily chore since over half of our crops are in them. I’m still working out a regular schedule for adding water to them. 

While I was mulching, I also put some in my sunflower flower bed to keep the weeds from encroaching. I also mulched around my squash plants in the pots. I’m hoping it’ll protect them from the sun scorching their leaves more. The ones in the tanks are looking beautiful. A few of the beets are looking large enough to pull too. 

The main thing I am hoping for right now is squash and corn on the cob for our Fourth of July celebration. From the looks of the plants, we just may get it.