I haven’t posted much this week because I’ve been busy trying to plan and get ready for our Fourth celebration. I do want to pass on a quick tip that I learned the hard way last night. 

I went to fix the baked potato and chicken packet crockpot meal I told y’all about. This time I had larger chicken breasts. I got out my 6-quart crockpot because the last time it barely fit in my 4-quart. Everything was going as planned: the potatoes had been cooking for about 2 hours and the packets were ready to be added. The problem was there wasn’t a full layer of potatoes on the bottom. Savannah was fussing and needing a snack so I was trying to hurry. Without thinking, I tossed the packets in, put the lid on, and started fixing something for her. 

When introducing a cold packet to a crockpot already cooking the rest of the food, make sure it is on top of the other hot food and doesn’t come in contact with the ceramic. 

A minute or two later, I heard a sharp sound from the crockpot. I knew exactly what I had done. One of the packets had been laid directly on the bottom and the cold chicken had cracked the hot ceramic. I pulled the packets out, but didn’t see a crack. I was sure I was right though. Since the meal is low-mess I left it cooking anyway. Sure enough, when I was cleaning up after the meal I found drippings leaked and then the crack. 

So from now on I will be paying more attention and make sure I have a full layer of potatoes. I probably wouldn’t be quite so upset with myself if the crockpot hadn’t been a wedding gift that I had only gotten to use a handful of times. This lesson will definitely stick since I don’t think there is anyway to fix the crockpot.