I went out this morning to check my squash, figuring I would need to pick some. I did, but not in a good way. I had thought they would be off the dirt enough to not need mulching. Not true: all of the moisture over the past week combined with me being too busy to notice had led to immature squashes rotting on the vine. 

If that had been the only problem, I wouldn’t be all that concerned. The rotting squash invited squash bugs in. So as a whole, I have written my squash off this season as a learning experience. I thought about just pulling the plants, but I think I’m going to use them to experiment. I have read an article about using essential oils for pest control and it specifically touts peppermint oil for fighting squash bugs. I have also heard good things about cedarwood. This article suggested it more for snails and slugs, but I previously heard to use it for any bugs. Since I have these last two squash plants left in seperate tanks, I’m going to try one oil on each and see which works better on the little pests.