There are quite a few things that I have grown really tired of. I think many of us can agree on some of these. 

Career politicians. I am tired of other people living off of money taken from us who work. Career politicians are no better than people who could have a real job but live off of the government instead. 

Political commercials. One more and I think I will actually be physically ill. How many times can one candidate say about the other, “This person is a liar and a sellout. Oh, vote for me!”? Yeah, I’ll believe you because no one else is saying the same thing. 

Public media and journalism. When condemning behavior, you should be also presenting a good example. Don’t condemn everyone else of being racist when you are the first one to make an issue about race. Unless you are providing a description for locating a suspect, what does it matter who was black, white, green? Hate crimes are not limited to race because if you are committing a crime against someone, chances are you don’t like them. 

Police persecution. Just as not all whites are racist and not all blacks are criminals, not all police are power-happy scum. Police, just like everything else, are a sampling of general society. Our general society is growing more morally deficient. Because of this, we will see more bad apples everywhere. This doesn’t mean that when something goes wrong it is automatically the policeman’s fault. 

“Black lives matter.” How about you take your movement to Africa where the problem really started? That’s where blacks first sold neighboring tribes into slavery. Where they are blatantly being slaughtered for being the wrong religion. Or how about you move your protests to abortion clinics? That’s where millions of black and white babies are killed all because we no longer teach our children self-respect and self-restraint. Instead, we throw birth control and condoms and abortion at the problem. Trying to place a band aid over the hemorrhaging result of the 1960s “sexual revolution.”

Debt forgiveness and other free stuff. What happened to living within our means? We have going on two generations now that don’t seem to understand the difference between want and need. There are a lot of improvements I want to make on the house, but they aren’t needed and aren’t in the budget. I am more concerned with what we need. What we don’t need is a loan payment because I couldn’t be patient for some years before getting what I want. But I guess that brings us back to the lack of self-restraint. 

These are all part of the reason I have started to avoid tv/news and social media. I’m just plain getting tired of the state of our society. I’m glad I’m a stay at home mom that can concentrate on family and what I can affect instead of the things I can’t affect in society.