It’s hard for me to believe that at only a little over 18 months, Savannah can help as much as she can. She helps pick up toys. She helps with laundry by bringing me clothing to hang up on the line. She even helps with bringing it in by piling it in the basket for me as I take it off the line. She offers to help with dishes but I think if I allowed that, she would just play in the water. 

She helped with something new today. She helped me shuck the corn I picked. She wasn’t the most tidy with it and got sidetracked after a bit. Still, I love that she is willing to do that already. I’ll certainly be building on it as she gets older. 

I have always thought a child’s sense of self and belonging in the family is increased when he or she has a specific role in the family. Required standards and responsibilities give the child a set purpose for being a productive member of the family. He or she has less reason to search out another group if his or her need to belong and be valued is already met. At least, that is what I hope to give Savannah and her coming sibling.