I am finally going to try making a corn husk doll this week. This will be a lot of trial and error. I am using only loose directions, which means most of it will be up to me. First, I have to make my home-dried shucks more pliable. It is suggested to sprinkle them lightly as if they were laundry for ironing. 

I laid the shucks out on a newspaper-covered table. I don’t know how many I would need so I just grabbed a couple handfuls out of my box I have them in. To keep it simple, I used a spray bottle to mist them with water. I turned them over and misted them again. 

Then, I put them in a gallon sized ziplock bag. I was a little worried that with my shucks being rolled they wouldn’t get dampened as they should. I misted a little extra into their bag just to be sure. Now they are sealed and supposed to stay in there over night. If everything goes right, I’ll try forming a doll tomorrow.