Our tomato vines are producing! We are getting just enough for daily use, certainly nothing like the bulk numbers that Mama had. This is what my tank setup looks like for them. I am already making plans for adjustments I want to make next year.


The tomato worms have also just found our plants. I hadn’t seen but one or two up until now, but there were a lot more yesterday. This morning I took some self rising flour out and sprinkled on the vines. I only had to pick one worm off so maybe I am making a dent in them. I finally had about the prettiest tomato I’ve grown. I think I’m going to like growing these oxheart tomatoes. They are a very fleshy tomato. I just wish my tomatoes would quit splitting so much.

Our bean vines are looking good too. They have had blooms for a while though no pods are growing yet. I’ve never grown beans before so it’s definitely an experiment. I hope they produce well.


 They at least look pretty. The vines will even be running along the top of the lattice before long. I may be drying beans at the same time that I’m drying my sunflower heads.