It’s not the prettiest but it’ll be functional. It will fix an issue I have with most maternity clothes, which is the lack of pockets or easy access to pockets. I painted this apron as part of a project when I was a teenager. I ran across it and decided I would add pockets to it. I used a pair of my husband’s jeans that were torn up for material. I thought it would fit better with the heavier canvas material the apron is made out of. 

I cut the pockets out and hand stitched them together. I didn’t bother getting my sewing machine out because I’m pretty sure I need a new one. I ran it down to my folks’ and borrowed Mama’s. I started to hand stitch all of it but with at least three layers of heavy material at a time…. The machine made quick work of it and I was done in no time. Now I have four easy-to-reach pockets after the work of adding only two.