I planted my herbs from my pots along the top of our rocks that level the area in front of the garage. They hadn’t done great in the pots and already are looking better. I’m hoping to make the strip a little herb garden. This will also help keep the grass under control. It has been creeping closer and closer to the rocks with a bit sprouting up in between. 

I am going to use mulch as the only barrier between the grass and herbs to make it easier to mow. The lawn was thick enough when Travis cut it that it yeilded enough clippings for me to mulch almost the entire length of the rocks. I only have the four plants for now, but I wanted to start moving the grass back for planting more next year. I’m hoping that slowly smothering the grass will make the process easier and prevent the rocks from being unsettled. Yard and garden work are really never done! 

Luckily, Savannah is already helping. She saw me moving mulch from the wheelbarrow to the where I was working. Then she started grabbing handfuls and mimicking me. Maybe she’ll get an early start gardening like I did. I just hope she doesn’t let what she learns lapse like I did. It’ll save her a lot of work and frustration.