I just wanted to put a suggestion out there that some may not have thought of. Your kids have an over abundance of stuffed animals that you want to thin out? If they are in good shape and safe for any age, don’t just resell them or throw them to the dog. Check with your local fire department about donating them, especially if you live in a rural area. 

Fire departments frequently keep basic stuffed animals (no loose parts or decorations) on hand in case of bad house fires. In the event that a family loses a house, the firefighters can give the kid(s) a stuffed animal as a bit of comfort and reassurance. It’s not much, but it’s a great way to help. 

If your fire department has a supplier, you might consider checking with other smaller volunteer departments. They are less likely than larger city or town departments to have a business that donates stuffed animals. You can also check with local food banks, churches, or clinics that work with homeless or poor families.

Anyway you do it, look around for a local need. Think of it as another way to recycle something your kids don’t want or need anymore. It could bring a lot of happiness to a child that doesn’t have much right at the moment.