The National Park Service has yet again proven why no government establishment should have free reign. The asinine situation going on in our area is just one of many examples. Tearing down the fence protecting an 1850’s era cemetery is bad enough. Tearing down a fence that the privately funded cemetery board had to pay $14,000 to errect to protect the grounds from the destructive animals that you decided to reintroduce is worse. Your funding should be cut and your power-hungry backside run out of town. 

The National Park Service goes against every principle this country was founded on. Once they decide to do or take something, there is no one to appeal to; they have no restriction.  They can go anywhere and do anything they want; no warrant, permission or access is needed. They step on the constitutional rights of everyone they deem “necessary,” which apparently is anyone. 

And the icing on the cake. The part that really pisses me off? We have another privately set up park. The land was donated and the area established privately as a native grass, wild flower, and bird preserve. It has twice had land taken away through eminent domain for the city school. It’s not talked about; no one cares. 

The Federal government doesn’t give a damn about people, property, or even habitat preservation. All they care about is their ability to flex their power. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely. The National Park Service is a prime example of this truth.