I’m so glad I held out and got a good amount of gender neutral 0-3 month baby clothes and things. We are set now for whatever gender our new baby is. 

I’ve spent this morning pulling out the clothes and a few other things I want to have upstairs when the baby comes. I know it’s a little early since I still have 3 months to go, but, as my husband can tell you, I like to have things set up in advance. It will keep me from having to sort through boxes when I’m further along or having to get Travis to drag stuff out for me. Not that that’s really a worry since with Savannah I was running errands the Tuesday before the Friday she was delivered. I figure it never hurts to have it done early so I have time for things I haven’t thought of yet. 

I also did it to see what we would need to get before the baby comes. I found out that it won’t be much. I have a box of clothing for each gender and other things that can go either way. I feel very blessed sorting back through and seeing how well set we are for the new baby.