Well, I’m pretty happy. I finished sorting through and taking inventory of our supplies in the basement. Over the past few days, I’ve been working an hour or two on it. I brought the food with best by dates I wanted to clear out upstairs for us to use. I cleared out some stuff I had been storing in the same area to make more room for supplies. I reorganized two of the sets of shelves to make it easier to find what is needed. 

Now, this morning, I have finished the inventory. I’ll keep it upstairs as a reminder of the holes I want to fill or items to stock up more of. I can write in additions as I take them downstairs. It’s nice to see what I need to get and what all we have. It also makes me feel a little more ready for the winter and the new arrival. 

I do have to say it amuses me how the government is starting to make a show of suggesting folks keep a certain amount of food on hand. Being raised on the farm, we called it normal to have a well stocked pantry, not preparedness. Or, I guess, preparedness is just our way of life. Anyway, I still have to put things back on the last shelf set. I may do one or two more things while I’m down there…. With me, you never know.