When I was little, I remember Grandma Barnes having a plastic container of frozen banana halves. Sometimes we would get one as a snack when we were up to visit. I am now carrying on that tradition. 

I didn’t really think of it until now. I bought a pretty large amount of bananas on my last grocery run. Savannah ate a good number before they became even close to overripe, but the final bunch was by the time we came to them. I got out some popsicle sticks I have on hand, then peeled and halved the bananas. I inserted the sticks and put them on a cookie sheet in the freezer. Just that quick, banana pops took care of the extra bananas. 

I now have a quick treat for Savannah. I also learned why my grandparents frequently bought the cheaper overripe bananas when they shopped. They would just freeze them for later use. Another way they knew to stretch their money and food.