Not giving up on my poor, stripped, sad-looking tomato plants looks to be paying off! A combination of peppermint oil spray, self-rising flour, and an extra prayer that they not get stripped while we were gone for the weekend is appearently what they needed. My plants are getting some good new growth. A few blooms and developing tomatoes are coming out on the older sections of new growth. 

I have been spraying my plants with the peppermint mix after sundown. Tomato worms do their damage primarily at night. The idea is that the peppermint repels them when they would normally be coming to start their all night buffet. Though it’s later in the year with cooler temperatures, I still wait until after sundown to water and spray since water and sun can scorch leaves. 

The self-rising flour works great through dry spells. When we were going to be gone for the weekend, I gave the plants a heavy dusting of the flour before we left. In fact, I didn’t have to reapply anything until a heavy rain came through. It is the best non-toxic way I have found of killing the worms on the plants. 

I am so happy my plants are looking better. If they are still doing well after all of the craziness is month, I wonder if we’ll still have fresh tomatoes for Thanksgiving Day. I remember a few years growing up that Mama’s stayed producing well into November. Anyway, I hope this helps if anyone is having issues with tomato worms too.