Fall is definitely in full swing in our area. The start is alway marked for me by taking down the hummingbird feeders. Once the nights start staying below 50, the little birds move on further south. Shortly after, we usually have flocks of geese passing over. I figure we always see them pass through because we live not real far from a fairly large series of lakes. This year, I actually brought my hummingbird feeders in on the same day I heard the first flock. 

It also seems that there is a drastic shift in the days this month. Suddenly it’s not getting light out in the morning until closer to 7 am. We are doing more inside when we first get up until light catches up. Savannah really hasn’t liked the past several days because, since her sinuses are bothering her, I’ve been keeping her inside until it warms up later in the morning. It also means coming in earlier than we had been. It’s dark again by 7 pm. 

This time of year also brings with it the use of buckets and bags to pick up walnuts. We have a local that always sets up a walnut huller at his tire shop in Omaha for folks to sell to. We have a lot of walnut trees around so he gets a good amount of business. I’d hoped to pick up some of the trees in our near by fields in addition to the ones in our and my folks’ yard, but time is against me. Maybe next year won’t be so crazy and I can pick up more. 

We’ll also be out at our fire pit more often now. Hotdogs will be making it on to the grocery list more frequently. We don’t eat them real often, but the best way is cooked over the fire while we’re around the pit. There is still a lot to do in the Fall, sure, and less light to do it in. But, there is also more time for talking and reconnecting. We should put the cool, darkening evenings to good use and spend some extra time with those we love.