No one has told our plants it’s November. Our tomatoes are still in full bloom and growing some nice looking tomatoes. We even have a volunteer plant blooming with a good number of green tomatoes on it. It came up along the dog pen fence and seems to like it there. 

When we came back from Florida, I figured the beans would be done and I could pick the last of them. I did pick a bowl of dried ones. However, there are a few green ones still. They are from the section of vine that rebloomed before we left. The vine has revived a bit more. I’ve just left it alone other than watering because I’m interested to see what it does. 

We also have 4 or 5 carrots I’ll be pulling before long. I had intended to plant more but I think it’s too late. My other plants have stayed thriving longer than I’d figured. The carrots that came up are from seed of my failed spring planting. It was too hot for them to grow but they didn’t die. Once it cooled off they started growing again. 

Yesterday, I started the process of getting ready for winter. I moved the rest of my pots down under the catwalk to protect them from the weather. I have another cattle tank to set up for the spring. I also have plastic and sheets ready to cover my tanks in case of frost. I did some other work in the garden too, but I think that will take a different post to explain. For now, I had better get busy. It’s starting to get a little light out and there is plenty to do today.