I wrapped up a couple projects in time to use them this winter. 

The first one is a red and white knit ear band. This one is my own weird design because it narrows at the back. This gives it slight flaps for over the ears. I always like the idea of normal bands, but most I have seen go over or close to the forehead. My bangs look terrible when they are mashed. While I am far from high maintenance, I don’t like things that make it harder for me to feel presentable. So I came up with this style to keep the band farther back on my head. It’s a bit rough but I think it’ll work. 

The second is a small spool knit rug. I started the rug years ago and decided I would keep it small. I wanted a small foot rug for when I read to Savannah in her room. Her floor gets a little cool in winter. This also allowed me to finish it more quickly (which is good because I already have several crochet projects picked out). It didn’t turn out too terrible considering it’s the first rug I’ve made. 

It’s nice to have a couple less incomplete projects. This fall has added more to my list so I will have plenty to do when it turns cold. One is a set for our new addition who is nearing delivery, but I’ll go more into that later. Happy crafting and good luck with your own projects!