Every area should have a House of Hope. I became aware of it just this past year, but it has been in operation for many. It is a day center for homeless and others in need. It provides many services including two meals a day. While I think all shelters and kitchens do admirable work, I appreciate the extra services the House of Hope  provides. 

The center provides breakfast and noon meals, bathing facilities, and laundry service. Though their relatively small building does not have room for sleeping, they pass out things like blankets and basic toiletries. They accept donations of many items for not only local homeless, but also for those who overcome being homeless and need help furnishing their new living. 

Volunteer case workers help visitors with applications and other issues surrounding getting back into the work force. “Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him all his life.” The center is aiming to teach. They also give assistance with finances and budgeting. I was also pleased to recently find out in researching for this post that they have a drug rehab program. 

Lack of employment, money issues, and drug addition all have close and overlapping ties to people becoming homeless. A place like this can not only help homeless back onto their feet, but also help keep at-risk people from becoming homeless. Prevention is better than a cure. 

I believe in locals helping locals. It’s not the government’s responsibility, it’s ours. If we handle it directly, we don’t have to worry as much about where it is ending up. When you are near someone, you have the opportunity to know if help is needed. It’s much harder to scam a present person. This kind of locally run center is a great help and I hope there are many more out there.