I believe the majority of us have one thing running through our mind this morning: thank goodness that election is over. The presidential election has been a three-ring circus for the past 2 years and there have been a lot of sideshows. The end may not be great, but at least it’s the end. 

I haven’t had a dog in the fight for a while. I liked Dr. Carson, but didn’t figure he would get too far. People who are intelligent and reasonably conservative don’t get elected by this society. The lack of drama around them causes the media to turn elsewhere and society’s short attention span follows. I even liked Ted Cruz to a point, but again he wasn’t a media favorite. 

A topic along these lines came up last week during a meal we shared with my parents and sister: the election had run like a reality show. Whoever could stir up the most drama got the media attention and the votes. I’d like to think it was intelligence that made the public choose not to elect Hilary Clinton, but I really think it’s because Trump knew how to work the media. I mean, he’s connected with at least one reality show that I know of and I don’t do much tv. 

Getting back on point though. We can all now enjoy less political ads. Now as long as Obama doesn’t invoke some catastrophe to prevent an office change, we at least won’t have a female version of him taking over. I am really not a fan of Trump, but I can’t stand Clinton. Maybe in another four years the choices will be better. Maybe in another four years there will still be a nation to vote.