Well, I’m still shooting for fresh, vine-ripened tomatoes for Thanksgiving. So far it’s looking pretty good for it. I covered them for a few nights that were frosty. My system seemed to work well for covering them except I would like to have longer sheets so I didn’t have to use the one section of plastic I did. Sheets usually have a better chance of protecting the plants even if they come in contact. When I really get the garden fully set up, I am considering sewing my own covers. Maybe taking old sheets and sewing them together to make easy, toss-over panels. I think it would be handy to set them up on a shower curtain type system, but I’m not sure I want to get that involved. 

The tomato plants are still looking good though and still have green tomatoes. Even a volunteer plant we had come up beside our dog pen that I didn’t cover looks good. It’s in a well protected area though. It is loaded with half dollar to quarter sized green tomatoes and like the others is still in full bloom. I can’t wait to see how they do.