The weather today makes me forget that Thanksgiving Day is a week and couple days away. Right now November is acting a lot like late September or October. It’s in the 70s with full sun and the nights are staying fairly warm. 

We aren’t using hardly any wood. We are however putting a good amount of wood back. I want to try to use only our wood stove for heat this winter to see how much it takes to heat our house. We bought two ricks of seasoned wood from a friend of Travis’s. It is now on the patio between pillars. It provides a nice eastern windbreak and is handy for use in our basement stove. 

We also have more we are stacking in the barn lot for later use. It’s from the many down trees on the farm from winter ices and storms past. Papa and Travis just split and brought up another load this past Sunday. I helped Papa finish stacking the last of it a little bit ago. As he said, it’s nice to look out and see a good stack of wood for the winter. Father willing, we’ll be ready for when winter decides to show up.