I have never been so ashamed of one of our state teams. The ladies’ Razorback basketball team recently had 6 players who kneeled in protest during our national anthem before their game. In supposed protest of police “discrimination” against minorities, they disrespected our nation’s anthem and flag. 

Now I can understand taking issue with something our government is doing or allowing to occur. You have all heard when I’ve taken issue with something. What I can’t support is a lack of respect for our flag and what it stands for. The flag and those who have sacrificed to defend it are the reason they have the right to protest. The reason they can have the “job” they have playing a game. If they want to really see what discrimination is, then they need to go to a true police state, dictatorial or socialist. They can try protesting and see if they last a week without disappearing to an undisclosed prison or shallow grave. 

What disappoints me even more is that the coach and institute are supporting them. The state threatened to cut funding. It was told they couldn’t. Under anti-discrimination regulations, if they cut one, they had to cut them all. (My response: fine, cut them all.) It also seems that the state doesn’t provide enough funding for that to have much of an effect anyway. 

What do I suggest? Influence through the capitalist way. Stop watching and going to games. Stop buying merchandise. Stop supporting these disrespectful, whiney brats who think that their actions will have no consequences.  Most of their funding comes from we, the people, so cut them off. It breaks my heart to take a stand against my state’s team, but this ignorant method of protest must stop. 

In closing, to those 6 players and others like them: Disrespect to the flag does nothing for your cause, but only shows you as unpatriotic. It doesn’t change anything for the better or inspire improvement. It just makes you look like a toddler throwing a tantrum in the floor. Grow up and be a positive, productive influence.