They may be hard to see in the picture above with the strong afternoon sunlight. Butterflies and bees have been all over my basil blooms. I didn’t expect this when I decided to let my basil plants go to seed before it got real cold. From the looks of the activity around them, their late-season blooms are being greatly appreciated. 

I’d hoped to lay some creek rock for the area in front of where my shed will now probably be. Between the wind trying to blow us off the hillside and the stuff inside I need to do, I may not make it. I did get the electric fence taken down which was preventing me from making adjustments to my shed location. It ended up that the shed, where I originally planned it, would interfere with our loading shoot for cattle. So I am now planning on it being to the north of the corn plot. 

I’m really looking forward to getting my shed built, but I have a lot to work on before that will probably happen. I will have to shift the corn plot a bit and I think I’ll make it bigger while I’m having to move it. I will also have to finish setting up our new tank for spring planting. The work never ends!