Well, I am a good portion of the way through my first crochet project. I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone. It’s for our new baby. 

This is what it’ll look like. It’s from a booklet of patterns put out by the company my parents work for. Their Annie’s crochet line is awesome. This was my first time to follow a pattern and use a stitch guide. I had to do a little of my own guess work on a couple things, but it’s worked well. 

This is mine. I thought the chocolate brown would be low maintenance and good for either a boy or girl. I have most of the body done and am getting close to the top border. Then I will have the hat to make. I’m really excited to be expanding the number of stitches I know. This requires just one other stitch than a basic chain so it was a good one for as inexperienced as I am! 

I hope everyone made it through the holiday safely. Hopefully, this week will be a little calmer so I can post more often. May you all find some craft projects or books to keep you entertained by the fire for winter. Happy crafting!