Well, the end has finally gotten close on the tomatoes. My covering system would have worked if the wind hadn’t been trying to take us off the hilltop. The weather stayed warmer than expected though, so not all of the plants wilted. I went ahead and picked the green ones from the vines so I didn’t have to worry about them. 

Now, hopefully, they will ripen on kitchen counter or I’ll make us some fried green tomatoes. Either way, I’m still happy with how long my plants have survived. There is one that may out last all the others though. 

Our little volunteer plant is still looking good. It’s the one that came up randomly in the edge of our dog pen next to the basement patio. I didn’t even cover it when I covered the tanks, but it was close enough to the south side of the house, it survived. I need to decide if I’m going to pick the bigger tomatoes this evening. Tonight starts a series of around freezing nights, which means I probably will. 

After the tomato plants are gone, I’ll be down to doing ground work for next spring. I suppose it will work well as far as the timing goes though. I’ll have less outside work in time for our baby’s delivery. I am curious to see if my herbs grow back from root or seeds in the spring. Since they are heirloom, I’m not sure if that has an effect on their being annual. I don’t think it should, which means I’ll be watching for spouts. So much to look forward to in the coming year!