With the nights getting colder and days staying colder, it’s time to break out the winter bedding for the pets. I know the weather is just turning winter and it’s still mild. This was more for my sake. I won’t have to worry about it later when the weather is worse. 

The barn cats have all the hay to nest in, but I tossed them something extra. I found an old little cushion from Roscoe Dixon being a puppy. My sister had given him a cat cushion to sleep in and once he got too big for it she said to pass it to the cats. I found it cleaning some stuff out of the garage. It’s now in the hay barn with them. 

The thicker dog cushions also came out of the garage today. Our dogs sleep in the basement at night on a regular basis, but I like to have a place for them when they can’t. Or even where they can get out of the weather during the day. I put together a larger sleeping area on the patio. Then I gathered loose hay and a blanket for inside the dog house. 

It’s great to have the animals set for winter. One afternoon’s work will keep them warm all season. I wish all winter preparations were that easy.