In the summer, I used lemongrass and peppermint essential oils on a regular basis for pest control. Lemongrass to repel mosquitos. Peppermint to repel……well a lot of things, but mostly flies from around our doors. 

Now that it is turning winter, I am using more lemongrass than peppermint. I’ve been mixing a few drops of lemongrass with my lotion for my legs. I’ve found it helps decrease my leg cramps. I can always tell when I haven’t taken time to do this regularly. I’ve been impressed with how much it’s helped. 

I have started using peppermint for my occasional headache. I’m not a fan of taking aspirin in general, but I am really against taking it when I’m pregnant. A little peppermint oil on the temples soothes it quicker for me even. Of course, my headaches are usually light ones from stress or lack of rest. 

I have also started using lime mixed with peppermint in my defuser. The aroma is very uplifting to me. Peppermint helps improve alertness and decreases fatigue among other things. Lime is refreshing and can help with depression and listlessness. It’s seemed to help with my occasional anxiety too. Of course, certain oils are more effective for some people than others. 

Always be careful when trying essential oils though. Some people have skin sensitivity to them. Lemongrass and peppermint can be applied staight for some people and must be diluted for others. Peppermint helps with a wide range of things so caution is suggested for those pregnant. Certain effects aren’t always desired during pregnancy. Skin where lime is applied shouldn’t be in direct sunlight for 12 hours after application.I would also add to make sure you buy therapeutic grade oils. Not all oils sold are meant to be consumed or used topically. 

I’ve been really excited by what all I have been trying and learning about essential oils. I’m slowly building the number I own and use. Check out how they can help you!