I apologize for my lack of posts. Sunday and Monday, I didn’t feel great and then yesterday I was trying to get things back in order. The day got by on me too quickly. Today will be my second catch-up day. 

In my haste to get things back in order from the weekend, I realized how close the time is getting to delivery. I’m trying to not get into a panicked frenzy, but I am trying to prioritize what I need done and what I would like done before the baby comes. Most of the major baby stuff is done: bed, clothes, diapers here and where we can get to them and home birth kit received. Now, it’s down to mostly little things that are stressing me. 

I will try to not get carried away by my to-do list and forget to post. I did want to give advanced notice that when the baby is born, my posts will probably drop for a week or two. Don’t give up on me please! I will be back, but settling everyone into a new routine and enjoying our addition will take priority. 

I hope everyone is staying warm as we get further into winter weather. We had a chance of snow today, but that has all but vanished. We are in for some nights in the teens. Time to pull out the long sleeves and fuzzy socks!