While it is now winter and garden work is basicly nonexistent, I have gotten my spring planning underway. 

I have decided that I will expand the corn plot to about a 7×11 foot area. It will have a two foot rock path on the west and north side. The path will go from the northeast corner of the garden where the gate will be. Right next to the gate will be my garden shed. It will provide a northern wind break for the corn. The path will run along the front of the shed and turn to go between the west side of the plot and the new garden tank. I’ll tackle all of this next year, but my main priority will be having the plot expanded for the early planting. I will also need to finish setting up the new tank. 

I am scheduling out my spring planting to prevent waiting too late on certain plants. I am going to try starting the seeds inside this time. I was talking with a farmer friend of mine from church about the trouble I have starting seeds. He suggested a close hanging fluorescent light for starting them. It just so happens that I have a small one for extra light under my kitchen cabinet. So I am going to try setting my trays under it for starting them. 

When I decided to do this, I thought about needing to buy more of the seed-starting plantable pots. Then an idea struck me. I started saving our cardboard egg cartons instead of recycling them. I’m hoping they work well for planting. 

Spring will be here before we know it. I figure with the baby coming, I will have less time to think about what I need to do when later. This should hopefully keep me on track.