I am looking forward to growing more carrots next year. They were one of types that I waited almost too late to plant. I got just that handful that plugged along as the year went by. 

For anyone interested in them, here is the little I know from the few I got. They are very much a cooking carrot. The ones I had weren’t sweet for eating raw. They did add good flavor to the dish I put them in though. (I sautéed them with some other veggies to go with a salmon fillet.)

The main reason I chose to try growing these carrots is the same reason for their name sake. They grow large but are rounder than most varieties. They are great for shallow depth growing areas. That meant I didn’t have to worry about them trying to grow through my wick and into my water reservoir in the tanks. 

I can’t wait to see how they do next year with (hopefully) planting them on time. Maybe I’ll get more than a handful!