You will notice that I won’t have any Christmas themed posts. No Christmas recipes, gift ideas, or related fond memories. I don’t like to brow beat this fact, but I also figured it wouldn’t go unnoticed so I felt I should address it. I will try to keep it brief and as inoffensive as the subject can be. 

I am a believer in Christ and try to live a spiritual life following His way. For me, this does not include observing Christmas; it actually gives me a general distaste for the holiday. This is in part because of the holiday’s history and part because of what it is today and how it monopolizes the season. (It even now over-shadows Thanksgiving.) 

Christmas has too much history to relate here, but I would suggest those interested do some reading on it. Aspects of it have been around since Biblical times (and long before the birth of Christ). It was an openly pagan observance until the Catholic Church repurposed it and renamed it. Thus was born the inaccurate ties to Christ’s birth. 

Fast forward to today, it has become a monster of its own. Materialism and debt from the expense seem to haunt the majority of it. Add in the dissatisfaction that no family lives up to the idealist images of the time and an observer’s depression can really set in. Many that keep Christmas seem to dread it and yet much of their year is spent either recovering from or preparing for it. I won’t even start on the lies told to children (who are expected not to lie) because then this will branch into another rant. 

Needless to say I am always relieved when the holiday is past and am glad that we don’t observe it. Hopefully, I haven’t bored or offended anyone. I have many close friends and family that observe Christmas: some for religion, some for family tradition. I only wanted to share why I don’t.