Yesterday was my 27th birthday. I woke up thinking about how 30 is really right around the corner. This doesn’t bother me; I honestly don’t think much of age. It did make me wonder if passing this milestone would have an effect on me. Many talk about 30 as being the age of complete maturity and a time of life evaluation. If it is an age where many people decide what they really want in life and change their course to meet it, I guess it won’t have much affect on me. 

I already had this time of life. It began around the time I was 17. I looked at where I was as a person and the lack of direction I felt I had and didn’t like either. This was all spurred by a little known fact about me, which I am not at all proud of. I held this evaluation after I realized that I wouldn’t graduate high school the year I should. This may not have bothered many others, but it hit me really hard. I won’t go into why I wouldn’t; excuses and explanations aren’t important. It’s what is done with the information of a realization that’s important. 

I decided it was time to get focused. I knew I would like a family if the right man came along, but I wanted to have my house in better order if he did. I got my high school degree while I was working first part time and then full time at a grocery store in Branson. This job then paid my way through college at Arkansas State University at Mountain Home. I traveled when I had the opportunity, but it wasn’t a priority because I had already travelled a good amount. I also became a baptized member of our congregation. 

I accomplished 10 years worth of growing up in more like five. The timing of this all worked well. I met the man I was waiting for and we got married the year before I graduated college. Savannah was born the year after I graduated. I couldn’t have dreamed up a better way for my life to come more in line with what I wanted. I’m still far from the person I want to be, but I’m still working on it. The Father has truly blessed me and I am ever grateful. 

I’ll see before long, but I think my milestone is already passed. I’d tell anyone thinking they don’t have to worry about something until a specific age this though. You’re never too young to strive for something better and to improve your character and life.