We are starting to get back into a schedule. I’m happy because this always helps me get done what I need to. I’ve built my schedule around first Caroline’s napping and nursing and Savannah’s needs second. It seems to be working so far. 

Other than being worn out by the end of the day, I am fully recovered. I had most of the soreness worked out before the weekend. Caroline is doing great too. She’s already back to her birth weight and her jaundice is mostly cleared up. We had a couple latching on issues, but she’s nursing good and frequently. 

Savannah seems to be adjusting well to having a baby around too. She gets concerned a bit when Caroline cries, but I can usually reassure her quickly and she’s good. She has had a couple fussy episodes. They happen mostly because of a lack of sleep on her part though. I think she’s going to be a good big sister.