I love that I have been able to keep the little area of raspberry vines in our yard. It’s nice being able to walk out and get fresh, sweet berries for breakfast. Or even to snack on them while I’m out working. This year, I am looking forward to more than just the fruit from our vines though. 

This year, I am going to try drying the leaves for making my own herbal teas. I also want to try making tea from the green leaf. I have heard that you can steap it without drying it. If it works like I’m hoping, I can dry leaves for tea through the winter and use fresh through the growing season. I may even try drying some of the berries to add to the dry mix. 

I will also keep using our abundance of dandelions. I would like to slowly build to where I also have several other herbs for tea. For now though, I will enjoy using what I have handy.