I don’t think you can call a book really good and only read it once. I think this holds true for movies as well. If it’s that good, why only watch it once?  Over the weekend, I watched one I hadn’t seen in years. If you haven’t seen “Singin’ in the Rain,” you’re missing out. It’s one of my favorite Gene Kelly musicals. 

I was raised with a love for old movies. I was probably one of few kids my age that knew who such actors were as Gene Kelly, Humphrey Bogart, and Cary Grant. I think my enjoyment of old movies is part of why “Singin’ in the Rain” holds a special place in my heart. If you aren’t familiar with the movie, I’ll explain. It is set in a time of drastic change for the movie industry. Silent movies were the standard until Talkies were introduced and rapidly gained popularity. Kelly plays a well known star who must make the transition to save his career. 

The movie is wonderful and truly funny. And of course, being a Gene Kelly movie, it has many good numbers in it. Give it a chance next time you need something light to watch. Unlike most recent movies, it’s a comedy you don’t have to worry about watching around the kids.