My apologies for falling off the map! I post from my phone usually, but it hasn’t been an option recently. I forgot my charger at my in-laws’ house over the weekend. A lesson showing you should always buy two! I have finally gotten time to use Travis’s computer downstairs.

Anyway, we had a little excitement last night. My sister-in-law called about a puppy that was probably a drop-off turning up at their house on the other side of the farm. She wanted to talk with my brother about keeping it since they have talked off and on about getting a dog. The problem was that they weren’t set up right then to put one up. So I drove over to bring the pup to our place until they decided. A second puppy showed up while she and the kids were waiting outside for me with the first one. I brought them both home and put them up in our dog pen. With it being dark and later at night, I didn’t take time to really examine them. We just gave them softened adult dog food and water.

This morning was then busy. The puppies looked fine when I fed them first thing. I called our neighbor friends on that side and double checked that the puppies weren’t just missing. They didn’t have any and didn’t know of any down the road, which meant at least we weren’t taking off with anyone’s missing pups. The puppies looked like they had been on their own for a bit, but it never hurts to check. I also put a call in to my vet. I ended up running in and getting a first combination shot and dewormer for each. After I got home and put the girls down for a nap, I gave them each a basic exam, shot, and dewormer. Neither of them even made a sound when I administered the shot. They are both males and look healthy except for being malnourished from being on their own. One is black with a white star on his chest and no tail; the other is a light brown, almost tan, color and a short tail. I think they may be something like a Labrador mix and around 3-4 months old. They do have the usual fleas and ticks of strays, which will be the next battle.

The puppies will spend another night with us, but it looks like they may both be finding a new home tomorrow. After talking with my brother today, it looks like they may just keep both. At least after today, they will only have to deal with the rabies and booster shots and pest control. I’m happy that the puppies are finding a home despite being left like they were. This is why I feel it’s important to be responsible and neuter and spay your pets to prevent unwanted offspring. It’s cheaper and more humane.