I have found that one of the biggest things I miss from working at the grocery store (other than seeing one of my best friends almost every day) is occasionally bringing myself home a bouquet of flowers. The floral department offered pretty little bouquets for $5 and often included one of my favorite flowers. I’d pick me up one for the kitchen table. 

I didn’t realize how much I missed this until my brother and his kids brought me one last week. It was the first time they were getting to see Caroline because they had been sick. They wanted to do something special so they brought me a bouquet of white flowers. Chad said he was sorry because they had looked better at the store, but I loved them. That week had been a little long. The flowers were a perfect pick-me-up. I am still enjoying them today. 

I think I came to have an endearment for having cut flowers now and then from when I was growing up. Papa brought Mama flowers at least twice a year: for her birthday and their anniversary. I began doing it too when I began working at the grocery store so she could have one by her bed and one on the kitchen table. It was nice to see how much she enjoyed them. Once I moved out, I would bring me some flowers home once in a while. I missed the homeyness of having them on the table. 

I mostly got some when I was feeling worn out between class and work. They were as close to a luxury as I could afford. Maybe at some point I will get back to doing that. For now, I will be trying to start some flowers from seeds soon to mix in with my herbs.