I have had a good reminder to always carefully label your starts. I used a generalized method and now I’m not sure what are peppers and what are rosemary. I think I have it figured out on the ones that are sprouted though. I believe so far two are jalapeño and one is rosemary. 

Now I am back to starting seeds again. This time it will be tomatoes, forget-me-nots, oregano, sage, and coleus. Last year I saved some seeds from tommy toes tomatoes I was given. Savannah liked snacking on them so I’m going to try growing some this year. I’m thinking of putting a plant or two in hanging baskets off the catwalk. I would like to but I’m not sure it will work. 

Once I get the garden to full size, I will probably need more space for my starts. For now though it’s working good. I can’t wait until I can start planting my starts. As quick as January has gone, I’m sure it’ll be here before I know it.