It’s turned back cold again for awhile. This works well because I have had cleaning I needed to catch up on. Yesterday I began the process and today I’m wrapping it up. I’m hoping to finish quickly so I can work on some crafts. It’s being impeded though because Caroline keeps waking up as soon as I put her down, which is odd. 

Anyway, I’d like to finish the crochet basket I’m making. It seems like I’ve been working on it forever. I know it’s just because I haven’t had much time to sit with it. Maybe this will be the weekend I get it done. 

My sprouts are looking good. Before long I will be getting the broccoli and onions used to cooler temps for planting them outside. It’ll probably be a while before the seeds I just started the other day will start showing sprouts. I’m glad I don’t have much more to start inside because I’m running out of countertop space! 

I hope everyone has a safe and productive weekend. Be sure to find time to relax with your loved ones.