Another book done on my reading challenge! I didn’t read the original though. The one I got to read is the republished one in which Buglioi added an afterword to the original. 

I have read a few true crime novels. This one is well written and has a good chronological flow. As for the contents, all I can say is wow. As a forensics fan (I admit I was a huge fan of the original CSI show), I was astounded at the incompetence of some of the investigators. Of course, forensics have come a long way since the time these murders took place. I would go so far to say from this book that a less diligent prosecuter wouldn’t have gotten a case much less a conviction. 

Reading about Manson is not for the faint of heart. He is an interesting study in psychology for many reasons, non of which I am anywhere close to being qualified to comment on. I do feel qualified to say he’s a specimen that should have been put down long before the time this book hit the printer. He also did a pretty good job of helping Bugliosi convict him with his actions in the courtroom. 

I probably will now have less time to read so it may be a little while before another bookworm post. Gardening and getting crafts ready for sale at the farmers market will begin taking more of my time. I will certainly still be reading, but I won’t get through books quite so quickly. Now to pick out the next one….