Yesterday was warm and sunny. In addition to the laundry, I finished the new border of the corn plot. Now I’ll be concentrating on removing the last of the grass, turning it under and adding compost. As you can see, this has added about a third more ground to it. 

As a side note, the pallet you can see is where I will eventually build my shed. The gate to the garden will be just to the right of it. I know I’ll be planting before I know it so I need to get the electric fence restrung around it. I’m haveing trouble deciding where to place the gate for the electric fence though. I don’t want building anything to limit the access through it. I’ll figure it out soon. 

I am also putting in a small strawberry patch along the south side of the corn plot. I will rock around it as I did with the corn. I’m very excited since this will be the first fruit I will have added to the place. The first of many I hope. Next year maybe I will add some fruit trees. 

Anyway, I certainly have plenty of work lined up for the nice days we are getting here and there. I’d better hurry and get some work done on it while the girls are sleeping.