It never fails to impress me the ideas you can find on Pinterest. This has proved true with essential oil suggestions as well. Of  course, you do have to be careful because anyone can put anything on there. 

One that I found that has proved good is a recipe for DIY face cleaning pads. It uses lavender, tea tree, and frankincense oils among other ingredients for a good basic cleaning. I am hoping to try coming up with my own oil combinations to add to the base ingredients. Maybe I can come up with some nice variations to sell at the farmers market. I have enlisted the help of my sister to test them with me. She has an interest in health and beauty products and uses more than I. She’ll be able to give me good insight into what might sell better. 

Another idea I ran across on Pinterest was for stinky trash cans. It suggests putting two drops each of tea tree and lemon essential oils on a cotton ball and tossing it in the bottom of the can. Our regular trash cans don’t usually stink, but I am trying it on our diaper can. I did do it slightly different though. I added double the oil amounts and taped the cotton ball to the underside of the lid. So far it is working wonders. There is no stink when I open it to throw a diaper in. I am curious to see if I will have to reapply it or if it will last until the can is full. 

Just a couple more ways to get away from everyday harsh chemical items. I’ll pass more along as I start using them around the house.