These tomatoes came up pretty quick! The other two varieties are just now showing nubs, indicating that they will be up before too long too. The black vernissage tomatoes were actually my free gift that came with my order. I’m looking forward to trying them. I’ve never grown a “black” variety before. So far I’m liking them given their short germination time. 

I have also had all my peppers sprout and another of the rosemary. I am seeing a nub or two of basil. I started basil mostly as a back up because I wasn’t sure if past years would seed itself or if I would need to save seed to plant. 

I did have one issue caused by a stupid moment. I was cutting apart a carton to set the broccoli starts out. As I was mentally reminding myself to be careful and not cut any spouts, I cut the top right off a broccoli. I have left it alone in hopes it’ll regrow, but I don’t know that it will. I also had a glass fall on a few onions. Again, I’m hoping they bounce back. Just a reminder to be extra diligent in making sure you don’t absent mindedly kill your own starts.