I was able to pick up one of the little green house shelves this year. Last year they sold out before I got there. I am hoping putting it here works for now. With as much wind as we get, I will have to weigh it down and hope it’s enough. Mama saw me with it and offered some leftover blocks she had from finishing the floor of the barn’s sideshed. 

My other main accomplishment so far is getting the grass dug out from the strawberry patch. Now I just need to finishing rocking around it. I probably have been digging too much grass recently though. I say this because I have started being able to recognize dandelion root amongst a clump of grass roots. I am setting aside the big roots I find for drying. I figure no reason to not keep them for tea. It serves a better purpose than just compost. 

This will probably be all of the gardening I get to today. Turning the corn plot will have to wait until next week. I have a few things I need to finish up inside before Sabbath. The most important being remaking the beds from washing sheets.