It really is getting close to spring. I heard our spring peepers for the first time last night. I saw Papa and he said they had heard them once before, which I must have missed. It’s said that we have to have them froze back twice and the third time we hear them, it will stay warm enough for them then on. Given this is the middle of February, it’s hard to believe. But then we also heard the geese heading north a while back. 

Papa and I were talking about weather trends. He’s concerned because last time it was like this, we had a bad drought that set in early. We are already below average on rainfall. We’re talking about plans for haying and grazing in case it happens. Hopefully, we are planning for no reason. 

Enough guessing what the next year will bring though. It’s time to get to work and start the week again. I have work to finish up in the garden this week in addition to the usual everyday things. Here’s hoping for a productive week!