I am beginning to think I should just give the egg cartons I have saved to our neighbor friends who are selling eggs. My sprouts have dwindled again; this time from the cartons being too shallow. 

Yesterday, I watered them and set them out in the green house. Well I didn’t think of how quick the moisture would be sucked from the trays until I glanced at them later in the afternoon. Over half of them were laid over. I quickly brought them back in, watered them and set them under the light. At that time I figured I would loose everything but the few tomatoes and sage plants that looked okay. 

Thankfully, this morning has yeilded more positive results. So far, the basil, a few more tomatoes and one pepper plant have perked back up. Maybe I won’t do anything now to kill the survivors off. I would say my broccoli and onions are done for though. I think next year I will stick with store bought sprout pods and save myself the frustration.