I was really happy yesterday to get my dōTERRA shipment in. Not only did it have my oils for beginning to mix products for the farmers market, but it also had something for Savannah. PB assist Jr is a probiotic powder in handy sachets. I love whoever came up with this idea because there is nothing much worse than trying to force feed a toddler something. A toddler doesn’t care if it’s good for them. I am lucky that Savannah isn’t the worst eater but she isn’t the best either. She likes the powder mixed into her applesauce most of the time. It doesn’t hurt that it is strawberry melon flavored. I hope it comes in handy for other moms!

I’m a terrible salesperson because I hate sales pitches. However, I do like healthy products that make my life easier when it comes to dealing with a toddler. If you’re like me and would like to try the powder, you can order it through my website below.